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Saving money with couponing is easy, fun and a responsible thing to do


You cannot escape buying food stuff and necessities every week, can you?
But you want to save. So, what can you do, really?
There is something, fortunately my dear friend that you can do to save money while you also shop.
When you are working on a shoe string budget and your expenses are stretching just too wide, you must consider what at least one in three Americans are doing just now. And it is called “couponing”.

What is couponing?

For the uninitiated, couponing is the cutting and the collecting of shopping coupons that you may find in your day to day lives. These coupons can be in the form of promotion offers, discounts and rebate announcements, freebie coupons or coupons that enables one to redeem an offer later on if you buy the stuff now.

Why should you collect coupons in the first place?

Collecting these coupons and then flashing them at the billing counters can help you get great offers not only on the items that you have immediately carted but also on the products that you regularly need and buy and you are sure to come back very soon, say next week to buy them. Shopping for the household and the kitchen week after week may make your wallet look like it is on a perennial diet. Take heart because what will follow will help you keep your wallet swell and help you save enough to buy the lovely piece of jewellery you always loved in the shop’s window.
Here are some hacks that you can employ on your next shopping expedition to the departmental store:

  1. Snip snip…cut your coupons:

They are seen everywhere. In newspapers and the tabloids; the magazines and the other printed hand bills. Red, black and yellow they stand out in bright colors. They announce an upcoming sale or they proudly present the percentage that will be off the price of the products. They can even pop up on the websites proclaiming hundreds of bucks off on a product.
If you see them, cut them and collect them. Because, they are the magical slips of papers that can let you save a good amount on your next shopping trip. Don’t believe us, try it madam!
In some situations people who ignore such coupons and get about their work lose out anywhere between a hundred to five hundred dollars in savings every single shopping trip that they’d make.
For within this non-decrepit coupon is the secret to save money while shopping. Dedicated coupon collectors collect coupons from all the sources and save them just before they set out to buy their groceries and other household things.

Looking for additional offers and bargains:

Coupon is one thing but what if you still want to optimize on the savings. There you are at it, again!
The shopper can particularly look out for offers and promotions 7coupons that can be clubbed with the offer in the coupons. Some stores do not allow for clubbing of two or more offers but it is a good idea to ask the store keeper and the manager as to the policy of the store. In case you feel the store has a regressive policy which does not allow you to club offers with the coupons you may opt to change the store or try at another location of the same department also store to get a steal on the products.

Feedbacks and complaints lodged with the corporate can fetch you good rewards:

If a particular product has won your heart and you feel like appreciating the manufacturers, go ahead and write down your experiences to them. A flair for writing and a good report is always anticipated by big corporate. They love getting feedbacks from their customers. They would be glad to reward the people who care to and make the effort write to them. Great offers and coupons coming from them have the capacity to make your day!
Similarly, if something about a product you bought is troubling you, let the company know about it. Generally, the Corporate reply at the short notice and make sure they do the good the loss to you and also compensate you for any troubles that you have been through.

Opt for the store’s loyalty card:


Go for the loyalty cards at the stores. These cards make sure that you are there on the company’s mailing list and any preview of a sale or discount is intimated to you on a priority basis. It is a great idea to time you shopping with the seasonal sale and offers. The loyalty cards will also keep accumulating loyalty points for you and you may choose to redeem them to also reduce your bill liability any time that you wish. Happy saving then!


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